TMC Counts

Redesigned From The Ground Up...

Spectrum consistently delivers data that you can trust because all of our turning movement count data is video based. Because we use video analytics, human errors in the field are virtually eliminated, but more importantly, our results are auditable. Our internal QA/QC process also ensures that results are vetted by our knowledgeable staff before they are released.
Cloud Video
Spectrum stores all videos on the cloud for easy customer access. Included in the standard price of our TMC service is 2 years video storage, so you don't have to worry about burdening your own servers with large files. Videos can be accessed conveniently from Spectrum AC by download or via our web based video player. Spectrum video is always available right at your fingertips.
Spectrum delivers the fastest turnaround in the industry, bar none. We offer three levels of turnaround: 24hr, 2 day and standard 3-5 business day turnaround. With our large fleet of Video Collection Units, we can mobilize at a moments notice and deploy anything from the simplest to the complex, from the small to the large. When time is of the essence, and results are critical, engineering firms turn to Spectrum.
Native Excel Files
Spectrum generates native Microsoft Excel files in the backwards compatible xls file format (Excel 95 and up). Vehicle classes are summarized in 15-minute intervals on separate worksheets. Detailed peak hour worksheets provide everything you need to start your engineering analysis. Worksheets also include calculations and embedded formulae such as hourly volumes, heavy percentages and peak hour factors by turn, approach and intersection.

Enhanced PDF Files
Our rich pdf files are detailed, easy to read and great to look at. Customize your pdf files by adding your company name and address in the header. Control how data is displayed by showing or hiding U-turns, peak hour factors and pedestrian directionality. Our rich pdf files look great because they give you the "big picture". Embedded Open Street Maps give you a fully labelled, to-scale labelled diagram of all approaches, turns and intersection summary details.

UTDF Export
Quickly and efficiently download TMC data to the universal traffic data format (UTDF) for import into Synchro 6 and up software. Never worry about manually entering volumes, heavy percentages, peak hour factors, pedestrians or bicycle volumes ever again. And with enhanced network view, export traffic data for an entire network with just a few clicks, saving hours of pointless and error prone data entry.