ATR Counts

Accurate Volume, Classification and Speed

Spectrum offers two types of Automated Traffic Recorder (ATR) counts: Miovision Video Based Analytics and M.H. Corbin NC350 Sensor Based Technology.

Each technology has its advantages as well as its limitations. Selecting the correct technology requires an understanding the constraints of each technology. Spectrum will help you evaluate your goals and objectives, and then we will find the optimal solution that strikes a balance between cost and accuracy.

Spectrum has performed extensive testing comparing each technology under ideal and non-ideal conditions taking into account traffic volume, average vehicle headways, lighting conditions and weather. We know better than anyone in the industry how to get you the results you need, but more importantly results you can trust.

M.H. Corbin NC350

  • Cost Effective Processing
  • Instantaneous Speed Within ± 5KPH
  • Up to 16 Vehicle Classifications (by length)
  • Long Duration Studies (up to 1 month)

Miovision Scout

  • Accurate Volumes & Classifications
  • Up to 7 Vehicle Classifications
  • Bicycles On The Road Included
  • Year Round Deployments (all seasons)