Connecting The Dots

Spectrum believes in the constant pursuit of improving the quality and accuracy of the data we collect for our customers. To meet our aims, we have invested in the best data collection technology available in the industry today.

But our approach goes beyond selecting the right technology. More important than the technology itself is how it's applied, where and when. From Spectrum's years of experience providing our customers with specialized data solutions, we have learned that it's rare that a single technology can provide a catch-all solution. Every technology has its strengths...and its weaknesses. Knowing those strengths and weaknesses and understanding your customer's needs is the first, and most critical, step in selecting the right technology for the job.

At the end of the day, it's about finding the right balance between costs, accuracy and reliability. We make sure that our customers get the value and accuracy they need, at the best possible price.

Spectrum uses Miovision's Scout product as the backbone of our turning count, link count and alpr services.

With over 40 customers around the world, Miovision's video based analytics platform represents the best of breed technologies for the collection of road traffic data. Spectrum currently operates a fleet of 62 Scout units, giving us the ability to not only capture accurate traffic data, but also to quickly mobilize and deploy large scale studies with very little lead time.

Spectrum is also a user of Miovision's traffic data Application Programming Interface (API), a web based service which enables Spectrum to talk directly to Miovision's servers, allowing us to customize our report deliverables to the highest standard of excellence possible.

Mav-Systems is a UK based company that specializes in the production of high quality professional ANPR/ALPR cameras.

Spectrum uses Mav-Systems IQ:250 Intelligent ANPR camera for its Automated License Plate Studies. The IQ:250 incorporates a professional HD camera capable of capturing license plates during the day and at night from 3m to 50m. The unit has an internal processor which performs the ANPR recognition onboard, in real time. This significantly reduces the cost of performing a license plate study since processing is done right on the unit.

Spectrum has deployed the IQ:250 as part of large origin-demand studies, retail license plate studies and travel time studies. Our team can deploy the system either on the roadside or at entrance / exits to parking facilities with no disruption to traffic.

Spectrum uses MH Corbin's NC350 traffic analyzer in order to provide ATR volume, classification and speed in light to moderate traffic environments. The NC350 is the successor to the NuMetrics HiStar unit, and provides advanced capabilities including bluetooth connectivity, road temperature measurement and long duration battery capable of leaving the unit deployed in the field for up to a month without a recharge.

When used under the right condition, the NC350 offers the perfect solution for collecting ATR data when cost and speed are the primary consideration.