At Spectrum, we believe in providing exceptional service above all. Our engineering background informs our culture and core values at every level. From our focus on providing accurate and verifiable results, to our constant drive to innovate while adding additional value to our services, Spectrum provides a truly unique option in the industry today.  Spectrum offers the following services to our customers.

Turning Movement Counts

Spectrum has raised the bar in the industry with our Turning Movement Count (TMC) service by adopting cutting edge technologies to address accuracy, verifiability and ease of use. TMC data is acquired using Miovision analytics. The main benefit of using this technology is that it is video based, which means it can be audited for accuracy. Our industry leading report formats offer the practioner with rich engineering details and are carefully designed to provide the clearest and most concise context possible while saving time and effort.
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Automated Traffic Recorder Counts

Spectrum offers both video and sensor based Automated Traffic Recorder (ATR) counts. Video based ATR counts are conducted using Miovision technology. The main benefit compared to sensor based technologies is verifiable accuracy. Sensor based ATR counts are conducted using the M.H. Corbin NC350, an advanced sensor which can provide accurate volumes and classifications, in addition to speed, under moderate to light volumes. Spectrum can help you decide which technology is best suited to meet your goals.
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Automated License Plate Recorder Studies

Spectrum is a leader in Canada in the deployment of Automated License Plate Recorder (ALPR) technologies. Our fleet of Mav-Systems ALPR cameras are versatile, mobile and cost effective. On board processing of license plate images means fast and accurate results. Spectrum has developed several applications using ALPR data including origin-destination studies, retail market studies as well as travel time studies.
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Pedestrian & Bicycle Studies

Spectrum offers video based pedestrian and bicycle studies using the Miovision analytics. The Miovision analytics offers two types of analysis: junction and pathway. Junction counts trace pedestrian and bicycle movements at either an intersection corner or walkway focal point. Pathway counts provide bi-directional pedestrian and bicycle data crossing an imaginary line, suitable for counting store front or sidewalk volumes.
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