About Us

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of professionals and experts who have a passion for what we do. Spectrum's founders, Robert McBride and Peter Ilias are both professional engineers with decades of experience consulting in private practice. It is this experience in the field of transportation planning and engineering that motivated us to found Spectrum in 2012, to create a company that truly understands the data needs of the practitioner first and foremost. Spectrum's engineering background informs our culture and core values at almost every level. From our focus on providing accurate and verifiable results, to our constant drive to innovate and add additional value to our services, Spectrum provides a unique option in the industry today.

What We Believe

Spectrum believes in the constant pursuit of not only improving the way we collect data, but improving the ways in which our clients can use it. We are not a typical data collection firm, which is why many companies turn to us where others fall short. We have invested in the best technology available in the industry today for collecting street level traffic data. We are also believers in the power of software to tap the potential of commodity traffic data. That's why we have developed Spectrum AC, our client facing web portal that provides total connectivity and complete automation.

What We Do

We collect verifiably accurate data for companies and individuals interested in studying street level travel patterns. Our clients include transportation planning professionals, municipal agencies and real estate professionals. We provide a complete spectrum of services currently used in the industry including turning movement counts, mid-block counts, pedestrian counts, origin-destination studies and license plate traces. We provide the best value in the industry quickly, reliably, on-time and within your budget.