On Board Processing
The Mav-Systems IQ:250 ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) camera features an internal CPU enabling onboard processing, making it our most cost effective automated license plate solution to date. The proprietary Mav-Systems analytics engine has been calibrated specifically for use in Ontario by Spectrum, maximizing our read rate to 70-90% passing volume. The onboard CPU also provides a robust set of customizable settings including privacy settings to protect the identify of the vehicle occupants, directionality of travel and much more.
Mobile Platform
The IQ:250 camera can be rapidly deployed by the road side using our fixed pole or tripod mount solutions. Fixed pole installs can be used attached to light poles or signal plants allowing for optimized line of sight to reduce license plate occlusion. Our secure tripod mount solution allows for installation where fixed poles are not available. Both mobile options utilize an intelligent power supply capable of powering the ANPR camera for a full day. An optional solar panel attachemnt allows continued operation in the right of way without the need for an external power supply.
LTE Connectivity
Each IQ:250 camera can be fitted with an optional mobile LTE modem allowing realtime monitoring. The LTE modem provides connectivity to the Mav-Systems web based interface, allowing our team to login from anywhere, anytime. LTE connectivity allows our team to remotely monitor cameras as well as make camera adjustments from the office. Additionally, combined with Mav-Systems web based API, Spectrum can provide a programmable JSON interface to your organization providing it with a realtime stream of time stamped license plate data.
Dual Mode Camera
The Mav-Systems IQ:250 camera features an advanced dual-mode camera capable of operating in day and night conditions. The camera can be operated in either mode, or both simultaneously. While pulsed infrared mode offers superior performance and clarity, particularly when monitoring high speed traffic, colour mode allows for the capture of non-reflecting license plates (such as in the province of Alberta). The advanced camera offers HD image quality captures, motorized zoom (3m up to 50m) and up to 8m lane width plate detection.
Plate Matching
Spectrum offers advanced automated plate matching through Spectrum AC. This makes the task of developing origin-destination matrices seamless. Our plate matching algorithms are customizeable. Minimum and maximum travel times can be used to exclude outliers if you're developing an origin-destination matrix. You can also customize the character match tolerance using Levenshtein distance, a way to include partial plate matches to increase your match rate. Results are generated in seconds, and formatted in native XLS file format.
FSA / DA Lookup
Spectrum can take your license plate data and submit it to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) for Forward Sortation Area (FSA) or Dissemenation Area (DA) look up. The FSA/DA code provides a geographic reference to the registered plate, which can then be used to perform market survey analysis as well as origin-destination studies. We make the application process with the MTO hassle free. We'll also provide the data to you in map ready format for your g.i.s. analysis.