Spectrum Data Exchange

A New Way To Exchange Data

The Spectrum Data Exchange was rapidly developed and launched in direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic. As the pandemic continues to unfold, the transportation network is experiencing an unprecedented drop in traffic due to the shelter in place orders now in effect to prevent the spread of the virus.

To help the engineering and planning community continue its critical planning work during the pandemic, an easy to use, quick and efficient data exchange was launched at http://exchange.spectrumtraffic.com.

The credit-based exchange allows Spectrum's customers to optionally enter all or some of their data library into an online market place where other firms can then download that data in exchange for credits. By becoming a publisher of data, a Spectrum customer earn credits in the exchange whenever its data is downloaded by another party. Earned credits can then in turn be expended to acquire access to data in the exchange.

Credits can also be purchased online for a reasonable cost giving all members of the community access to high quality, auditable traffic data including video for recent studies. .

Pricing Schedule

First 100 credits - $12 / credit, additional credits at $8 / credit.

  • TMC - Less than a year - 16 credits
  • TMC - 1 year old - 12 credits
  • TMC - 2 years old - 8 credits
  • TMC - 3 years or older - 4 credits

Enrolment is free of charge. If you are already a Spectrum customer, just login in to http://exchange.spectrumtraffic.com with your same Spectrum AC login credentials. If you are not currently a Spectrum customer, you can still purchase data on the exchange by simply enroling online or contact us directly at 1-888-670-3282.