Spectrum Open Data

Private to Public Data Sharing Made Easy

Spectrum P2P Open Data Sharing creates a "win-win" situation for both the public and private sector by linking the need for effective and fair permitting procedures to the public need for more open data. Spectrum conducts thousands of turning movement and other street level data counts every year on behalf of the private sector using advanced video based technology. As part of the data collection process, data collectors are required to obtain a right of way occupancy permit before deploying their equipment in the public right of way. While most other data collectors avoid applying for permits all together, Spectrum always ensures that the proper permits are in place prior to deploying a study, ensuring our work is done safely, legally and with the express knowledge and consent of the public.

I'm in the Public Sector...How Does it Work?

The P2P Open Data Share program is designed for ease of use and minimal administrative overhead. By participating in the open data program, your agency agrees to provide Spectrum Traffic with either a yearly blanket permit or per occurence permit allowing Spectrum Traffic to install its equipment in the public right of way subject to the following conditions:

  1. Spectrum provides a Certificate of Insurance with $5 million in commercial liability and auto insurance, proof of WSIB insurance as well as any other compliancy documentation (health & safety documentation, Book 7 training certification, etc).
  2. Spectrum provides a minimum of 3-5 business days notice prior to deploying its equipment
  3. Spectrum is permitted to safely install its equipment either on suitable fixed public infrastructure including traffic signal light poles or luminaires or portable tripod units within the public right of way
  4. Spectrum traffic does not occupy or block any lanes of traffic during the deployment of equipment, except in cases where necessary. In such cases, a Book 7 traffic management plan will be provided in advance
  5. Agreement to waive the permitting fees if data is shared by the customer.

Once enrolled in the program, your agency will automatically have access to accurate, high quality street level traffic data at no cost to the tax payer. Data can be easily accessed via our Open Data API as well as our web based Open Data Portal.

In addition, you will be protecting the public trust by assuring that a fully insured, fully trained and certified data collection provider is operating in your right of way.

To start taking advantage of the Spectrum P2P Open Data Sharing program, simply enroll online or contact us directly at 1-888-670-3282. .

I'm in the Private Sector...How Does it Work?

If you are already a Spectrum customer, opting into the Open Data Program is flexible and seamless. Choose to opt in data on a project by project basis by selecting one of two Open Data Share options in our advanced eQuote system:

  • Option 1 - Keep Data Private. Selecting this option ensures that the data collected as part of your project will not be available via the Open Data P2P program. Opting out of the Open Data Share option means that the applicable permit fee will be, summarized in your project costs, will be applied.
  • Option 2 - Share Data with Public Agencies. Selecting this option results in the traffic data for this particular study to be included in the Open Data P2P program. By choosing the Open Data Share option, a rebate in the amount of the applicable permit fee will be automatically be applied to your eQuote.

Customers who choose not to opt in their project(s) may experience some some permitting delays from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.