Traffic Data Exchange Registration

Start Buying and Selling Data Today

Spectrum's Traffic Data Exchange enrolment is free to any company wishing to publish or consume traffic data on the web. By registering as a company, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Access data on the exchange instantly
  • As a publisher, earn credits for every count consumed by a third party which can then be used on the exchange or converted to cash
  • As consumer, enhance your traffic data library by accessing data collected by Spectrum Traffic, a trusted name in the industry
  • Help the industry cope with the Covid-19 pandemic by helping us create a fair and convenient resource where high quality, accurate data can be easily exchanged
  • (New) Receive your free copy of our "Covid-19 Traffic Data Comparison of Select Total Intersection Volumes" report, a compendium of traffic volumes at seven sites across the GTA just prior to, and throughout various stages of the pandemic.

Registration only takes a few minutes. Start today.

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