Fastest In The Industry...

Since its inception, Spectrum has been dedicated to providing the fastest, most accurate and reliable service in the industry, bar none.   Achieving this is no easy task. To do so, we've adopted the following three principles at Spectrum:
  1. Hire the best people who share our vision and want to be part of our team
  2. Adopt the best technology and develop the expertise and "know how" to deploy it accurately and safely
  3. Automate almost every process, from order to final deliverables, ensuring maximum efficiency, value and accuracy at the best possible price.
Our team of experts are committed to providing prompt and responsive customer service to all project requests, and we think our track record speaks for itself.   Our dedicated Project Coordination & Support team will enter your project into our advanced operations portal, detailing your exact specification.

Projects are quoted the same day that orders are received using our advanced "Sign and Click" e-quote system. Once received, our customers can customize everything from from classifications, video storage and turnaround. The quote is updated automatically with no need for any back and forth.

Spectrum offers the following three turnaround services (1):

No assignment is to small or to large for our team to handle.   Contact us today and see why so many are turning to Spectrum for their traffic data collection needs.

(1) a full business day begins at 12:01AM of the day following deployment.