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Pedestrian & Bicycle Studies

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A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. turns to Spectrum for its street level pedestrian traffic data needs. A&W works with Spectrum Traffic when selecting optimal retail lease sites or future stores. The three day studies running from Thursday to Saturday involve setting up cameras at either every street corner or at either side of a mid-block. Many of these studies require multiple sites across the city being counted concurrently at the same time. Since many of the subject sites are in high density, urban area settings, equipment tampering becomes an issue. To ensure project time lines are met and to avoid any issues, our team regularly does equipment checks during the deployment, and in some cases when warranted, provides constant on site monitoring.

Once A&W sends us a list of candidate sites, our team will review either via street view or sometimes in person the site conditions including possible install poles or tripod locations. In downtown urban settings, this can be quite challenging, particularly when options are limited and sidewalk space is constrained. Our equipment is typically setup in the late evening / early morning hours and programmed to record a full 72 hours of video, after which our team will collect the equipment and review at our headquarters for quality. On completion, our team uploads it to Miovision's servers for processing. Once the data is published, typically within three to five business days, our team will review and QA/QC raw results, and format the data as perA&W's required excel format specification.


I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Spectrum Traffic for the past two years on some twenty assignments where A&W required accurate and comprehensive pedestrian counts as input for our Urban restaurant site selection process. Several of these assignments had complications due to the specifics of the location and the surrounding area, however the Spectrum Traffic team was able to accurately assess the situation, propose suitable solutions and executed the mandate without undue cost or delay. My confidence in the accuracy of the pedestrian count data and the level of detail provided makes the input a valuable part of our overall assessment process. I would not hesitate to use Spectrum Traffic again in the future and recommend them to like users.

Al Clunas, Director, Real Estate. A&W Food Services of Canada.